The West Penn Power Company provides electric service in central and western Pennsylvania. FirstEnergy Corp owns the company and nine other companies in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Ohio, and West Virginia. Over six million FirstEnergy customers reside in five states, while 720,000 customers of West Penn Power receive electricity from the company.


An average of 739 kWh is used per month by each West Penn Power residential customer. An average electric bill includes both supply and delivery charges of $82.66. West Penn Power installs smart meters on every customer whose meter can be read automatically. Furthermore, they help detect outages much more quickly.

The default supply price of West Penn Power (also known as the Price to Compare) is currently 5.637 cents per kilowatt-hour. If you choose a competitive electric generation supplier, you can reduce the cost of electricity per kWh. However, any deliveries and other charges would still be the responsibility of West Penn Power.


FirstEnergy, the company that owns West Penn Power, can be reached through the customer service number. Since its founding in 1907, this business has provided electrical services to residents in western Pennsylvania, and it continues to do so today as part of the FirstEnergy family of companies.

The portal offers different options for paying bills, along with the online bill payment feature. If you want to pay your West Penn Power bill online, you can do so through the company website. If you wish to pay your bill in person, you may do so at one of the company’s authorized locations. Additionally, you can set up automatic bill payments online and make alternative payment arrangements. As well as canceling your account or contacting customer service online, you can also do so online.