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Through the West Penn Power Login portal, you can manage your account, pay your bill, view your gas or power usage, and update your information, as well as add or modify your contact information. The official website of WestPenn Power allows you to access all of the options associated with your account. Register with them so that you can access your account. Open your web browser and navigate to the West Penn Power Login page.


The owner of West Penn Power is FirstEnergy Corporation, a subsidiary of an energy company based in Akron, Ohio. As a holding company for ten electric utility operating companies, FirstEnergy Corporation provides power to 65,000 square miles in the Midwest and MidAtlantic regions, including Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey, Maryland, and New York. Under FirstEnergy Corporation’s umbrella, there are 6 million customers served by its electric companies.

No matter who your energy supplier is, WestPenn Power will take care of your outages and line maintenance if you live in its service area. The rate you pay for electricity will depend on the supplier you choose. You will still have to pay for the utility and their service separately on your bill.

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How To Setup Your WestPennPower Account?

You must register for your account on First Energy Corp.’s website in order to get your West Penn Power service. The following steps will guide you through setting up an account:

  • Please enter your WestPennPower account number located on the top-right of your bill in a safe browser. Additionally, you will need to enter your 5-digit ZIP code.
  • Make sure that your service address is correct and double-check it.
  • Please enter your online information, including your name, email, username, password, and pin (or the last four digits of your Social Security number).
  • Make sure the information is accurate and submit it.
  • You can confirm your account by clicking the link in the confirmation email.

Once you’ve set up your account, you’ll automatically be signed up for eBill.


West Penn Power Login Steps

You can log in using the official portal once your account has been set up. Once your account has been set up, you can start, stop, or transfer your service. It is particularly helpful for people who are moving into a new residence. The following steps will guide you through the login process:

  • You can access the official website on your device.
  • To access the portal, enter your username and password.
  • You can reset your password by clicking the ‘Forgot Username or Password’ button if you are having trouble logging in.
  • Once you have entered your information, click the Login button.

More Information About WestPenn Power Portal

All users have the option of paying their bills online through the portal, which offers a variety of payment methods. You may pay your bill online at the West Penn Power Login website, submit your payment to the distribution center, or pay in person at an authorized location. The option of setting up automatic online bills payment as well as alternative payment methods is also available. In addition to canceling accounts online, you can also contact our customer service team.

With WestPenn Power, customers can choose from a variety of electricity plans offered by different suppliers. Energy supply and delivery costs are not included in competitive rates from suppliers. Although competitive energy rates can save customers money on their energy supply, they will pay the exact delivery costs regardless of which electric generation supplier they choose. You can always contact the West Penn Power Customer Service team to get guidance while facing any issue.

West Penn Power Bill Pay Procedure

In addition to the online bill payment service, the portal offers several different ways for users to pay their bills. The West Penn Power Bill Pay option allows you to pay your bill online, mail your payment to the processing center, or pay your bill in person at one of the company’s authorized locations. Furthermore, you can set up automatic bill payments online and make alternative payment arrangements. If you want to cancel your account or contact customer support online, you can do so online as well.


The West Penn Power Bill Pay Procedure can be carried out in five different ways.

  • Through the Website: Logging in to your account will allow you to pay by debit or credit card or directly from your account. If you don’t have an account, you can make a guest payment by typing in your ZIP code and bill account number.
  • Mobile: You can pay your bill using the WestPennPower app.
  • Pay by Phone: Pay with a checking account or savings account by calling the IVR or the contact center. If you prefer, you can pay with your debit or credit card by phone through KUBRA EZ-PAY.
  • In-Person: Cash, check, and money orders can be used to make payments at payment agencies.
  • Mail: Checks and money orders can be sent by mail as well.

What Are The Various Payment Plan Options Available?

The West Penn Power Bill Pay option allows you to pay your bill in several ways. Payment methods include bank drafts, debit card payments, credit card payments, in-person payments, phone payments, mail payments, and even security deposits in some cases.

Additionally, they offer three different payment options to choose from:

Equal Payment Plan: It is possible to make consistent uniform bill payments and avoid seasonal variations in payment amounts.

Installment Plan: With an online account, you can make affordable payments each month.

Assistance and Service Programs: You can choose from various assistance programs to make your bills more affordable. Programs such as Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and Dollar Energy Fund fall under this category.

You can also try to arrange special arrangements that allow for extended due dates, payment arrangements, and third-party notifications. There is also the option of using Protect from Abuse (PFA) or a deferred payment program in exceptional circumstances. If you need more information regarding any of the plans, you can contact West Penn Power Customer Service to get further guidance.

How To Reduce Your Power Bill?

The deregulated energy market provides customers with a choice of thousands of rates from numerous competitive suppliers. Review the ‘Price to Compare’, West Penn Power’s default energy rate, and compare it to prices from licensed electric generation suppliers.

It’s easy to make sure you’re always paying the lowest rate compared to your ‘Price to Compare’ For example, WestPennPower’s current Price to Compare is 5.637 cents per kWh. They scan all of the energy markets for the best rates, and you will usually find rates that are lower than what you are currently paying. With TrueRate Protection, you can use a calculator to find out exactly how much you can save.

About First Energy Corp

WPP provides electric service in central and western Pennsylvania. First Energy Corp serves more than 6 million customers across five states, while West Penn Power distributes electricity to 720,000 customers. The company and nine other entities operating in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Ohio, and West Virginia are among FirstEnergy Corp’s holdings.

First Energy Corp purchased Allegheny Energy, of which West Penn Power was a subsidiary, and absorbed a number of companies, including West Penn Power. It is also notable that Allegheny Power was first known as West Penn Power after it had been formed in 1907.


Over the years, it proudly served the people of four states, expanding to Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. First Energy purchased it in 2010 as well as all its sister companies, which remains a client of the company to this day.

Each residential customer of West Penn Power uses an average of 739 kWh per month. The average electric bill includes both supply and delivery charges of $82.66. Each customer whose meter can be read automatically has smart meters installed by West Penn Power. Additionally, they help detect outages much more quickly. West Penn Power’s current default supply price (also known as the Price to Compare) is 5.637 cents per kWh. The cost of electricity per kWh can be reduced if you choose a competitive electric generation supplier. However, West Penn Power would still be responsible for delivery and any other charges.

Official NameWest Penn Power
Operated ByFirst Energy Corp
Portal TypeLogin
ServicesBill Payment

West Penn Power Customer Service Contact Details

You’ll want to use the number below if you’re moving into any of the areas serviced by West Penn Power. West Penn Power is pleased to help you with installing and moving your services, making payments arrangements, and paying your bill through the number listed above.

The West Penn Power Customer Service number connects you to FirstEnergy, the company that now owns them. Initially established in 1907, this company has been providing electrical services to residents of western Pennsylvania ever since, and it continues to do so as part of the FirstEnergy family of companies.

You can reach West Penn Power at their toll-free number during normal working hours to pay your bill, get assistance with your gas supply, and any other related issues. Before calling West Penn Power at 1-800-686-0021, be sure to prepare your customer number.


The West Penn Power Customer Service contact details are as follows:

  • Phone Number: 800-686-0021 (Contact), (888) 544-4877 (Support)
  • Address: 800 Cabin Hill Drgreensburg, Pa 15606 (Headquarters)

What is the best way to get an online account with FirstEnergy/West Penn Power so you can handle it with ease? Do you need to update your information on the site if your information has changed? If you wish to analyze your usage, you might be interested in knowing what tools they provide to achieve this. Using the customer support page of West Penn Power, you can access all of the above services as well as learn about their assistance programs and also access West Penn Power Bill Pay Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to pay bills online?

Yes, you can pay your bills online. They accept credit cards, debit cards, and internet banking payments.

What is the address of the headquarters?

The company’s headquarters are located at 800 Cabin Hill Drgreensburg, Pa 15606

In the event of a problem, how can I contact customer support?

If you would like to contact them, the following phone numbers are available:

  • 800-686-0021
  • (888) 544-4877

Is it necessary to create an account in order to access the login portal?

To access the various services provided by West Penn Power, you must create an account on the portal.

What to do when there are West Penn Power Outages?

If there are West Penn Power Outages in or around your area, you should immediately contact the company’s customer support.

Closing Remarks

The mobile website is automatically enabled when customers use a smartphone to visit www.firstenergycorp.com. There’s an app for each of FirstEnergy’s ten electric operating companies, and they’re available for Apple iPhone and Android smartphones. Customers can use the keyword FirstEnergy to locate the apps in the online store. With the WestPenn Power mobile application, users can now access the portal anywhere, anytime.

The portal offers several services such as West Penn Power Bill Pay, West Penn Power Outage, and more. If you need any sort of guidance or face any issue while accessing the portal, you can contact the customer support team at any time to get further guidance.

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